Selling at the high end?

You don't need a longer prospect list.

You need more time with better prospects!

Close more deals with less work and spend more time with your best prospects… INSTEAD OF BABYSITTING A SALES FUNNEL!

Watch this short three-minute video and I’ll explain how!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Put the LOVE Back in Selling

Are you a people person? 

Then why do you spend most of your life babysitting a sales funnel or cold-calling strangers

What if you planned to spend a full hour of your day cultivating a relationship with a single prospect? What would that person have to look like to justify the effort?

Your Best Prospects Are Deeply Connected With Other Great Prospects!

And not just on LinkedIn. A truly great prospect has REAL connections! They went to law school together. They started a business together. They served in the military together. They have ties… and their connections are great prospects too!

What if you had a constant stream of prospects just like that?

Then you could invest the time and care that real relationships deserve while closing MORE DEALS with BETTER PROSPECTS!

Want to learn more? Watch the short video above and then book a demo to get started!

A landing page never forged a partnership

and a BUY BUTTON never closed a DEAL!

Calls nobody wants to join.
Emails nobody wants to read.
There must be a better way to catch a whale!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

We help you turn your customer persona into ProfileScore with a nuanced Targeting Model.
You start at the top of your Target Prospect List and work your way down by ProfileScore!

Target Your MOST Ideal Customer

Got a prospect list? 

Your buyers are on it somewhere! If you want to find 80% of them, you’ll have to work through 80% of the list. Where should you begin?

Meet ProfileScore! Our intelligent automation analyzes your team’s entire extended network to extract a single number that reflects how well each person…

  • matches your search.
  • responds to your message.
  • registers for & attends your events.
  • is connected with other high-scoring prospects.

The ProfileScore strategy is easy: start at the top, and work your way down.

With ProfileScore, you can find 80% of your buyers in just the top 20% of your list. So you can spend less time babysitting a sales funnel, and more time developing relationships with high-quality prospects!

Knowing who to call is useful.

Knowing who to call FIRST is a SUPERPOWER!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Reach BEYOND the Sales Funnel

How do YOU like being guilt-tripped by a machine?

When you sell a high-value product or service, your prospects are high-impact people. If you have value to offer, they will invest in a relationship with you… but only if YOU invest in a relationship with THEM!

We connect you with high-impact prospects who might NEVER respond to an automated sales message!

When we send a connection request on your behalf, your prospect will see that you have dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of mutual connections. Colleagues, classmates, friends… REAL connections! That’s social proof!

Because you see your MOST ideal customers FIRST, you have the luxury of time. Instead of following up with a canned sales message, you can start a conversation. Instead of leading with a solution, you can seek common ground.

The best way to make a personal connection

is to show up in person!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Network Like a BOSS

To leverage your network at scale, you have to scale your network!

LinkedIn only allows 100 outgoing connection requests per week, but you can accept any number of incoming requests. So it pays to be choosy, and it especially pays to be attractive to your prospects!

We only send connection requests to your highest-scoring candidates. So you only request connections with high-impact prospects who are deeply connected to lots of other high-impact prospects!

Before long, when a prospect seeks the kind of product or service you offer, the natural connection to make is YOU! Expect your inbound request volume to jump.

Our typical customer experience:

  • 30-50% connection request acceptance rate.
  • 40-60 new highly-targeted connections per week.

We relentlessly locate and connect you with exactly the right people… so you can focus on building relationships with the very best of those who accept the connection!

Automating your outreach is a time-saver.

Automating your NETWORKING is a GAME-CHANGER!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Host KICKASS Virtual Events

A LinkedIn connection is just the beginning!

Once connected, you can deliver regular calls to action to your best prospects in the form of event invitations.

Maybe you already stage regular webinars, Zoom calls, or LinkedIn Live events. If not, use our playbook! We’ve promoted and staged many dozens of kickass virtual events.

Either way, event invitations are limited on LinkedIn, so it pays to be picky. We invite only your very best prospects, and fill every event with colleagues, classmates, and friends! 

Our intelligent automation sets the conditions with the right audience, a powerful messaging playbook, and a ton of social proof. The result is maximum event registration and attendance.  

Registration and attendance data feeds right back into the Tribify Engine. So at your NEXT event, we’ll invite even more prospects like the ones who engaged with you, and less like the ones who didn’t!

Any virtual event can generate a sales call.

The BEST virtual events generate a RELATIONSHIP!

First Tribify-managed event after 4 weeks of promotion: 247 registrants!
Some top event registrants. Deeply connected!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

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Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

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Here's how it works...

Targeting model icon

Create a targeting model

The Tribify team will inveriew you to build a nuanced picture of your ideal customer, employee or business partner.
Got more than one partner? The Tribify Engine can handle multiple targeting models with ease!

LinkedIn Account Icon

Connect your linkedin account

Tribify Engine automation will map the key work, school and social connections in your network, then prioritize against your targeting models to expand and activate your network with custom connection requests, event invitations, and messaging. Got partners? The Tribify Engine can coordinate its activities across multiple Linkedin accounts!

List icon

Work your lists

The Tribify Engine will deliver a priority list for each Linkedin account and/or targeting model. At the top of that list are prospects who not only meet your requirements, but are also deeply connected to OTHER prospects who ALSO meet your requirements. So start at the top, and work your way down! Prospect lists are delivered as Google Sheets and are updated continuously as new prospects and data roll into the system. You can work them by hand or connect them into your CRM, sales funnel, or other automation. We'll show you how!

Graph icon

Sharpen the saw

Once a targeting model is in production, the Tribify team will circle back with you to refine your model until the results are just right. Close the circle with adaptive feedback, and as prospects progress through your sales funnel or reject your offering - or even as market conditions change - the Tribify Engine will optimize your targeting model to connect with and deliver the most valuable prospects, FIRST!

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Tribify is perfect for

Sales teams

Stop pursuing sales leads and spend your energy creating customer relationships instead!

Recruitment teams

Go beyond the resume and make a perfect match between opportunities and talent!


Monetize your collective network and extend it effortlessly in the most profitable directions!

Why they use Tribify

Find Your Tribe!

Find Your Tribe!

Tribify benefits

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Automate your networking

You don't have to cold-call a sales prospect who already has a relationship with you. With the Tribify Engine at work, your first direct communication is already a chat with a friend.

Support your future customers

Every connection request, every invitation, and every message generated by the Tribify Engine offers true value to prospects who truly benefit by it. Be on hand when your prospects need you... at scale!

Adapt to a changing market

The Tribify Engine uses adaptive feedback to ensure you are always focused on your highest-value prospects, even as your targeting criteria shift and market conditions change!

Deliver a high-touch experience at scale

When you already know who your highest-value prospects are, you can afford to spend more time with them. Scale your network with your team by adding new Linkedin accounts, and scale it with your offering by deploying new targeting models!

Gain a trusted partner

The Tribify Engine is an AI-enhanced, enterprise-grade data management application, not a mobile phone app. Every Tribify client expects and receives a bespoke and personal experience that brings the Tribify Engine's arsenal of tools to bear against their unique combination of requirements, including integration with existing processes and systems. We' re with you all the way!