Tribify Engine Pricing

*** Pay yearly & get 2 months free! ***


Add a LinkedIn Account

Connect up to 5 LinkedIn accounts!
$ 499 monthly
  • Multiply outreach & data collection capacity.
  • Coordinate outreach & network expansion across an entire team.
  • Monetize your organization's collective network! See the Agency Model to learn more.
  • 2 support hrs/month plus 2 extra at purchase!

Base Instance

Everything you need to get started!
$ 999 monthly
  • Includes one attached LinkedIn Account & one Targeting Model.
  • Automated LinkedIn connection & company follow requests.
  • Automated LinkedIn event invitations & direct messaging.
  • Evaluate thousands of prospects & connect with dozens weekly.
  • Follow new prospects on every social media platform.
  • Prioritized Prospect List updated daily.
  • Integrate with any CRM, Email, or sales funnel platform.
  • Adaptive targeting feedback from event participation, social media & CRM.
  • Network & performance dashboard.
  • Dedicated Slack support channel.
  • 4 support hrs/month plus 4 extra at purchase!

Add a Targeting Model

Target multiple customer personas!
$ 249 monthly
  • Independently target every customer persona.
  • Monetize your network in every vertical! See the Agency Model to learn more.
  • 1 support hr/month plus 1 extra at purchase!

Tribify Engine Pricing

Fanatical Support

Every Tribify Engine base instance and add-on comes with an allocation of support hours to account for initial setup and integration. You get more support hours every month! See the pricing details above for more info. 

You can use your support hours for any Tribify-related work—including custom development and integrations—and they never expire!

If your needs are more complex and you run out of support hours, just purchase a block of extra support hours listed below and we’ll get right back to work!

Extra Support Hours

  • 5-Hour Support Block $499

    About $100 / hour.

  • 10-Hour Support Block $899

    About $90 / hour.

  • 20-Hour Support Block $1,599

    About $80 / hour.

  • 40-Hour Support Block $2,799

    About $70 / hour.

  • 80-Hour Support Block $4,799

    About $60 / hour.