Demo Judo

Sometimes the demonstration is not the demonstration.
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This morning during a Tribify Engine product demo I had an experience that I can only describe as transcendent.

Just to set the context, the Tribify Engine is a secret weapon for the relationship seller. It uses social media automation and machine learning to identify and connect you with the very best prospects in your extended network for your product or service.

The Engine completely eliminates the guesswork from lead prospecting. You start at the top of your Prospect List, work your way down, and tell the Engine how things work out. Based on this feedback and the data flowing in from your social media accounts, the Engine adjusts your Prospect List in real time so your very best prospects are always next in line.

So it should come as no surprise that we are using the Tribify Engine to sell the Tribify Engine. Our outreach goes to the top of our Prospect List, so when we do a demo, it’s rarely to a random audience.

This morning’s demo was with R, who attended a recent RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY event. R followed my presentation with a great deal of interest, and then explained why he thinks the Tribify Engine is NOT a good match for his use case. And I had to agree with him: he already knows who most of his prospective customers are, and they largely don’t use LinkedIn.

But, he said, I can think of a laundry list of people who would be VERY interested in this! And then he started to reel them off: an old shipmate, a couple of business school classmates, fellow consulting-firm alums. After the first handful, I was grinning ear to ear.

He saw me grinning and stopped talking. What?

I explained: This experience we’re sharing right now? THAT’s the demo!



  1. As mentioned to you on the phone… (this past week), suggest ONE more layer of development to get to the PERSON inside the organization (private and government sector) that the relationship needs to transpire with for the engaging company using your SW which translates to higher probability of forming a business contractual engagement saving many manhours sourcing the WHO DO WE TALK TOO game that normally transpires. I think you can use the LinkedIn platform to get traction on finding ‘THE PERSON’ as well, some additional coding? Jason, you are on to something BIG, good for YOU!!!

    1. Thank you sir!

      If I understand you correctly, we’re already there. Two approaches:

      1. Based on the criteria in your Targeting Model, your Prospect List is a prioritized list of the best prospects across all organizations. Filter it by your target organizations and you have your answer.

      2. Simply add specific organizations to your targeting criteria. This will not only surface prospects at those organizations, but will also expose other prospects at other organizations who score highly by association.

      #2 is the more robust approach, as it brings the people you want to the top of your list, and also introduces you to other great prospects you didn’t even KNOW you wanted!

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