Time to Scale!

Our customer-carrying capacity has improved 10x, and for a brand-new startup that can only mean one thing: time to drop our prices and SCALE!
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Great news!

Since we launched the Tribify Engine for external customers just a couple of months ago, we’ve done a huge amount of work to improve the customer experience and streamline our ability to manage the back end.

We’ve built dashboards, we’ve documented & clarified our operating models, and we’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes to eliminate errors and latency. We also onboarded a new subscription management tool to help us track & deliver the support hours that come with your Tribify subscription.

THAT was an unexpected challenge! You get new support hours every month, you can use them for anything, and they never expire. Apparently nobody else does that. 🤣

At the end of all this, we have increased our customer-handling capacity by over 10x! And, as a brand new startup, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to scale!

Effective this week, we have cut the price of every Tribify Engine element in HALF. What used to be our introductory price is now simply our PRICE.

A base instance of the Tribify Engine grants you a relationship-selling superpower, with one attached LinkedIn account and one Targeting Model, for just $999/month! Click here to see available add-ons and the rest of our simplified pricing model.

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