The New LinkedIn Invite Limit

Soon no LinkedIn user will be able to submit more than 100 connection requests per week. Use the Tribify Engine to make every one of them count!
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One of the reasons LinkedIn works so well as a professional social networking tool is that it is a bit of a walled garden.

LinkedIn users are strictly limited in the amount of activity they can perform on the platform. The more valuable the activity, the more limited it is: you get a lot of searches, nowhere near as many profile views, and few connection invitations indeed!

Most users will rarely feel these constraints unless they use some kind of automation, which is strictly verboten in any form by LinkedIn’s terms of service. In the real world, though, this TOS restriction is hardly necessary… the very real limits on all kinds of activity are enough on their own to change the cost-benefit analysis for most automation plays.

It isn’t that LinkedIn won’t crush your account if you abuse their service with automation. They just rarely HAVE to.

Even so, spam is a problem on LinkedIn. And so, over the past few weeks, the platform has rolled out its most restrictive constraint yet: soon no LinkedIn user will be able to submit more than 100 connection requests per week!

This changes the game considerably. If your LinkedIn strategy depends on extending your network in useful directions—and, seriously, why wouldn’t it?—then in the future you will have to be very choosy about who receives those invites.

So how to choose?

Well… meet the Tribify Engine! 😁 That’s what we do: our AI-enhanced automation platform locates and connects you with just the right people, extending your network in the exact directions most useful and profitable to you.

We’ll make every single one of those 100 weekly connections count.

Want to learn more? Just click the big orange button above to set up a Tribify Engine demo today!

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