A Heritage of Service

Lots of tools help you sell lots of stuff to lots of people. We built the Tribify Engine to find just the FEW people we really care about and SERVE them!
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There are lots of tools that help you sell lots of stuff to lots of people. The Tribify Engine is different: we built it to help us find just a few people we cared more about than anybody else, and serve them to the limit of our ability!

Here’s the story.

As Coronavirus exploded out of China back in March 2020 and the world descended into lockdown, a small group of former US military officers joined a Zoom call to talk about how to survive the coming lockdown. Not just survive: thrive! That group became RINGKNOCKER.

Since March 2020, RINGKNOCKER has helped thousands of veterans activate the powerful network they already had. We did it one-on-one: by finding comrades-in-arms best suited to serve one another and putting them together on a weekly Zoom call.

There are millions of current & former military officers on LinkedIn. In the past 18 months, the RINGKNOCKER team built a tool that leverages data from social networks to locate & gather those best suited to serve each other. We called it the Tribify Engine.

As RINGKNOCKER grew, Sponsors volunteered to support the community. Each Sponsor seeks a different kind of customer, employee, or business partner. We expanded the Tribify Engine to account for this, and soon realized we had created a product!

The Tribify Engine has been in full-time operation for 18 months, but we just released it for outside customers a few weeks ago. Think of it as a specialized Relationship Marketing agency… in a box.

To understand why that matters, think about a sales funnel.

If your sales depend on lead volume, the sales funnel was the greatest invention ever! Leads go in one end, money and customers come out the other. Brilliant!

But your sales depend on relationships, then the sales funnel was the worst invention ever! It doesn’t help you sell helicopters or seven-figure consulting gigs, and now before you connect with a prospect, you have to prove you aren’t a robot!

To prove you aren’t a robot, you have to spend enough time and energy on a prospect to create a meaningful personal connection. That kind of connection is as hard to fake as six-pack abs. Real connections are valuable because they are real!

If you tried to create a meaningful personal connection with every prospect, you’d starve to death. However good your list is, there are still too many prospects on it to spend that kind of time on each one. To succeed in relationship sales, you have to know who to call first!

The Tribify Engine combines social media automation with machine learning to help you narrow your focus to people who are not only great prospects, but are also deeply connected with lots of other great prospects!

If you are building a tight community or selling a product or service that is high-value, low-volume, and relationship-intensive, then the Tribify Engine can help you discover and engage with exactly the right people.

How do YOU find just the right people to serve?


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